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Times are unprecedented and sports organizations need to innovate now. 

We are releasing the Sports Innovation Playbook ™ to support sports organizations around the world in solving their most pressing challenges through the power of innovation.


The fastest way to start moving on your innovation project:


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You’re a sports organization but don’t see a fit in one of the above categories? 
We think you still need to innovate and would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I registered to get Clufield’s 5Fs solution. When will I hear back?

Our team will be in touch within 1 business day to let you know if your organization qualifies to get our 5Fs solution and receive the Sports Innovation Playbook ™.

Who in my organization should register to get the Clufield’s 5Fs solution?

The 5Fs solution is a great fit for your organization executives that have a transversal view of your operations and needs. This can be someone dealing with innovation on a daily basis (i.e. Head of Digital Transformation, Head of Innovation, etc.) or someone with a relevant executive position (i.e. CEO, Head of Marketing, etc.).

Is Clufield’s 5Fs solution only good for football organizations?

No, the 5Fs solution is a sports-agnostic solution that is able to provide innovation support to all kind of sports.

Is Clufield’s 5Fs solution available to all sports organizations?

Yes, Clufield supports sports organizations from all around the world, regardless of their geographies.

Is Clufield’s 5Fs solution only available in English?

Yes, all materials are only available in English but our global team can communicate and provide support in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Portuguese).

I’m a startup in sports. Is Clufield’s 5Fs solution for me?

No, Clufield’s 5Fs is best designed to serve professional sports organizations. However, if you are a startup active in sports, and wish to get exposures, we invite you to join Winarize and make sure your startup profile is updated there.

Is my information shared with third-parties?

No, Clufield’s terms are strict: no personal or business information of Clufield’s 5Fs will be shared with any third-party.

How long will Clufield’s 5Fs solution be available for?

Until June 15th. At this point, Clufield will offer a 3-months free trial membership for all sports organizations to pursue their innovation journey.


Clufield is an exclusive membership that provides forward-thinking sports organizations with a custom-made platform to support their innovation journeys. Clufield’s free trial membership will officially launch on June 15th, 2020. 


WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at

Tal Segev

Managing Director

Tal Segev's experience in sports began six years ago, after achieving his Masters in international Sports law.

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Oren Simanian

VP Business Development

On top of 20 years as a professional soccer referee and FIFA futsal referee, Oren is a key figure in the Israeli startup ecosystem.

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Timothée Deschamps

Head of Strategy

Timothée’s knowledge of the international sports market and passion for tech innovation merge to lead Colosseum activities.

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Fernanda Rojtenberg

Head of Marketing

Fernanda brings a mix of sports, marketing and fashion background to lead the marketing team. 

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